Sunday, October 14, 2012


As we draw closer to our approval date (Hopefully, November 1st) - we are starting to become a bit anxious and super excited! We really have no idea what God has in store for us. Our case worker has notified us that when we are approved, it is very possible that a match might happen quickly as there are only a handful of families signed up for Special-Needs adoptions through our agency, Bethany Christian Services. Although we keep telling ourselves that it may take up to a year or more....

Currently, we are STILL waiting for the VA clearances to complete our Home Study. Please say a prayer these come soon....we sent them out over a month ago! :(

We are believing that God will provide the remaining $1,500 we need to submit our pre-placement fee by our goal date. Hannah has taken on a part-time nanny position to help save for some of the additional expenses (i.e. potential travel expenses, lawyer fees, etc) - we are blessed to have this opportunity!

We are brainstorming fundraisers - it seems like everyone is being bombarded with fundraisers so it's difficult coming up with something creative that won't take away from any of our friend's endeavors. Hannah was thinking about baking and selling Apple Pies - she loves to bake and this is certainly the time of year for pies! What do you think? Would you pay $15.00 for a homemade apple pie???

Please share ANY thoughts or suggestions!

Finally, as many of you saw on FaceBook, Hannah recently moved Benji into the big boy room. (He is doing great with that BTW - and so is Hannah). Now, there is an empty crib in our room - ready and waiting! She has even been taking inventory on our baby supplies. I think she is beginning to nest!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers and don't forget to offer suggestions for fundraising!

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