Saturday, November 3, 2012

Do not be fooled!

Do not be fooled! :) There is a lot going on behind the scenes in concern to the adoption process.  During the past month, our case worker has been putting together our home study (which includes information about our family, our education, our goals, and even back ground checks).  The next step after the home study paperwork is completed, which should be any day, is to submit our adoption profile books and the pre-placement fee.

What is our adoption profile book?  Basically, this is the book that they will share with the birth parent(s) about who we are.  We took the time to talk about our life as a family, each of us as parents, the kiddos, and what it is like where we live.   Since we are primarily looking for a child with special needs, we also took time to speak to the unique challenges that Benji has faced to help show our experience with medical and developmental needs. 

I don’t think I can express enough how much we feel that God has directed us to help a child who is in need.  We have found ourselves often needing to defend the decision to adopt.  I am quite honestly not sure why.  From my viewpoint, if everyone said that they were not able, then think of all the individuals who would be in need.  Of course it is not convenient, but God has not called us to live a convenient life.  He has called us to love and serve others.  He has called us to step out on faith and trust Him to provide. 

Where are we financially? First, I want to say that we have been blessed considerably and generously by the gifts of others.  As well, God has provided additional funds within our finances to not only add to our adoption funds now, but to ensure that the finances will be in place to care for a new addition.  That being said, we need to write a check for $7,000 when our home study is completed.  We currently have just under $6,000.  We are not quite yet there, but it is amazing how close we are.  Much closer than I thought that we would be!

I am trusting that God will help provide the remaining funds in the next few days.  I am hoping and praying that you may consider supporting us.  If not financially, then prayerfully. 

Please pray that the funds come in…
Please pray that God prepares us as a family…
Please pray that God will prepare us mentally for the needs of this baby…
Please pray that God will protect the mother and the future baby which He will lead to us…

I am not sure if you know this or not, but we already had a potential match earlier in October.  Though the parents did not choose us, it did start preparing us for how quickly everything can come into place. 

Again, we ask for your prayers and support! Thank you!

Joe and Hannah

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