Thursday, October 11, 2012

Introduction Letter to a Future Birth Mom and Child

Some of you said it was difficult to read the pages in the photo book because you were unable to enlarge the view. So, we thought we would share the Introduction Letter with you. Enjoy! Please keep those prayers coming!!!!

Dear Sweet Baby,

We are thrilled that you and your Mom are viewing our profile! Your birth Mom is so strong and brave to be making the decision to find a loving family for you. We realize that you and your Mom must have been through a lot and we admire her strength to be able to make this tough choice. We know it must bear heavy on your Mom's heart and soul, but we are so thankful that she has chosen to give you this opportunity. We pray that your Mom is able to find the family she is searching for. 
So, Little One, you may ask - "why are you choosing to adopt?"
Well, when we announced our intent to adopt, a lot of people asked us the same question. To us the reason is simple - because our hearts are telling us to! Both of us want to add to our family. We dreamed of having a large family and were very saddened when we realized Hannah would no longer be able to have children. We love kids and feel as though our family is not yet complete. Adoption is the perfect option for us! We have the resources, the space, the time, the desire, and most importantly, the love to give.

We are open to the possibility of adopting a special-needs child. Our youngest child has several special-needs of his own, including prematurity and Down Syndrome. We feel well established with the group of specialists he sees for his own special-needs as well as his involvement in the Early Intervention programs. We have already learned so much through caring for our son, Benji, and therefore feel as though we are equipped to take on the responsibility of caring for another special little blessing.

Whether special-needs or ordinary-needs, we have open hearts and arms and look forward to adding an addition to our family.

Thank-you for your consideration as you and your Mom review our family profile. Whatever choice your Mom makes, we pray that she will feel strength and peace. May you be blessed to grow big and strong, Precious Little One!

Hannah and Joe Butler

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