Monday, February 4, 2013

Not much to update . . .

Not much to update….everyone keeps asking if there is any news….we wish we did, but not yet! We are still waiting. But all this waiting is expected…adoption is not a fast process unfortunately L But please keep asking!!!!! We love talking about it! We are SO, SO excited!

In the meantime, we are looking to get a family lawyer and working on procuring an adoption loan for $20,000!!!! (WOW!!!!) We are still hoping to raise at least part of this…Definitely a FAITH journey!

We are home study approved for a domestic adoption (Within the US – we did not do an international home study and therefore, are ineligible to adopt overseas – at least for this adoption! Who knows, maybe we’ll adopt again in the future!)

We are also looking to adopt a child Benji’s age (2.5) or younger. (Of course, we are “hoping” for an infant but are open to adopting a young toddler) Why? Because we feel as if we can take on that responsibility. We do not feel as though we are in a place to take on an older child. Again, we hope to perhaps be able to do this in the future. We would love to adopt some older kids….but right now, having 3 little ones, we feel clearly led to adopt a child younger than our youngest.

Please keep spreading the word. We would love to adopt a special needs baby (especially Down Syndrome or similar syndrome) but we would also love to welcome a typical, healthy child into our hearts and lives. I just know there is a perfect little one out there for us – we just need to find each other. Maybe you can be the one to bring us together! Know of someone who is considering placing their baby for adoption or even considering an abortion? Please ask them to consider our family as an option. Even feel free to give them our contact info or blog address.

We can’t wait to add to our family! Thank-you for reading. Please keep the prayers coming and please SHARE our story.

Joe and Hannah


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